Released: December 2015

Information Technology Consulting

Internet of Things IT Consulting

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds great potential in cost savings, efficiencies, and revenue gains for companies across industries from reduced energy use and machinery maintenance, real-time medical device communication, improved customer engagement, personalization, and increased employee productivity. Estimates for the number of connected devices, which are the building blocks for IoT, vary, although the general consensus is that there are already over 10 billion devices connected to the Internet and this will more than double in the next few years. This indicates the beginning of a changing dynamic in how companies utilize a network of connected devices and an ever increasing pool of available data.

The IoT IT consulting market has grown faster than the overall IT consulting market and will continue to do so for the near-term. At a high level, companies are interested in testing how IoT can help transform their business processes and offerings, and are looking to consulting firms for their experience and expertise in IoT to educate stakeholders and devise a business case for investment.

ALM Intelligence's Internet of Things IT Consulting examines how consulting firms are guiding companies through IT investments and process decisions to prepare for and take advantage of the IoT ecosystem.


Internet of Things IT Consulting features:

  • The ALM Vanguard of Internet of Things IT Consulting Providers, featuring the strongest consultancies, assessed on relative breadth and depth of firms’ capabilities within the overall service area
  • Case Study: Protiviti Conducts Cybersecurity Assessment Before New Connected Product Goes to Market
  • Competitive Landscape areas:
    • Management Consulting Firms
    • Multi-Service Firms
    • IT Consulting Firms
    • End-to-end-Firms
    • Specialists
  • Consulting Provider Profiles, detailing key service strengths and weaknesses, firm focus, AND Capability Maps illustrating each practice’s standings with respect to these offerings:
    • IoT IT Strategy Development
    • IT Operating Model and Organization Impact
    • IoT Data & Analytics Advisory
    • IoT Solution Design Advisory
    • IoT IT Security & Compliance Advisory

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