Consulting Forecasts

ALM Intelligence evaluates the consulting market with respect to a particular consulting area in terms of the following elements:

These in-depth research reports feature:
  • Market Size and Growth Forecast
  • Client Demand Trends
  • Ranking of the Top 10 Consulting Firms by Revenue
  • Detailed definitions


Lasse Pitkaeniemi

Director, Market Research

Globally, consulting markets are ultimately driven by just four independent variables: regulation, economic growth, labor market and technological change. How these variables interact, however, varies greatly from region to region and industry to industry. North America and EMEA have very different regulatory environments; the economic growth in Asia Pacific is so rapid that it makes the other three variables seem almost insignificant. Industries such as financial services and healthcare are highly regulated, whereas the labor market structure is the most important factor for the consulting market in the manufacturing and natural resources verticals.

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