Released: August 2015

HR Consulting

HR Transformation Consulting

Today’s workforce and its leaders are under constant pressure to respond to changing business demands. They require HR services that are agile, adaptive, and aware. An organization’s HR strategy must consider the linkages that exist between the business environment, the people strategy, and the HR function. Without that connection, the HR function will be unable to add value to the business and its stakeholders, becoming a cost center that delivers a limited contribution to the business.

The 2015 edition of HR Transformation Consulting examines how consulting firms are helping clients transform HR to become the strategic business partner it has so longed to be and that it must become if it is to own its future. Their dedication to the cultivation of a transformative HR function is apparent in the unprecedented level of innovation and investment in new service offerings and thought leadership. What is even more promising is their commitment to further invest in an HR transformation consulting capability for the future.


HR Transformation Consulting features:

  • The ALM Vanguard of HR Transformation Consulting Providers, featuring the strongest consultancies, assessed on relative breadth and depth of firms’ capabilities within the overall service area
  • Case Study: PwC Supports Payroll Process Simplication Through Legal Entity Rationalization
  • Consulting Provider Profiles, detailing key service strengths and weaknesses, firm focus, AND Capability Maps illustrating each practice’s standings with respect to these offerings:
    • HR Strategy
    • HR Function Effectiveness
    • HR Process Transformation
    • HR Technology Advisory
    • HR Talent & Leadership Development
    • Change Management

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