Information Technology Consulting

Leaders trust our research services: ALM Intgelligence's exclusive, qualitative assessments of provider capabilities at the engagement level to inform buyers of consulting services in the IT sector.

These in-depth research reports feature:
  • The ALM Vanguard of Information Technology Consulting Providers
  • IT Market Trends
  • Client Spending Trends and Forecasts for IT Consulting
  • The IT Competitive Landscape
  • Provider Profiles of Select Information Technology Practices
  • Detailed definitions

Erin Hichman

Lead Senior Analyst for IT Consulting Research

While the four megatrends (analytics, cloud, media and social) continue to drive the IT consulting market, clients are also talking about the implications of cyber security. Consulting providers are now seeing the IT or technological piece as a part of almost every consulting engagement, prompting many firms to invest in this area.

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