Risk Consulting

Leaders trust our research services: ALM Intelligence's exclusive, qualitative assessments of provider capabilities at the engagement level to inform buyers of consulting services in Risk.

These in-depth research reports feature:
  • The ALM Vanguard of Risk Consulting Providers
  • Risk Market Trends
  • Client Spending Trends and Forecasts for Risk Consulting
  • The Risk Competitive Landscape
  • Provider Profiles of Select Risk Practices
  • Detailed definitions

Naima Hoque Essing

Senior Analyst, Lead for Risk Consulting

In recent years, consultants have helped many client organizations establish risk management processes and controls. As the risk management function matures, consultants are helping clients increasingly integrate it into broader organizational decision-making and execution activities. As such, the risk management function is gradually evolving from its traditional role of simply protecting value toward enabling enterprises to create value, drive performance, and thus ultimately realize longer term strategic goals.

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