Released: September 2017

Risk Consulting

Capital Projects & Infrastructure Consulting

The ALM Vanguard

Capital projects consulting is a demanding task. The process of bringing capital projects to market involves a long sequence of interdependent activities that necessitate the application of a myriad of general management consulting capabilities intertwined with particular technical industry and functional knowledge that favors senior consultants with real world construction experience.

The ALM Outlook

S&O consulting is playing a growing role in the capital project and infrastructure ecosystem. Lower end-market prices, particularly in the energy sector, are causing many commodity-related companies to scale back, postpone or cancel projects; and rethink the operating models, core process, and governance mechanisms to deal with fewer, smaller projects. Those projects that are advancing are undergoing higher scrutiny with strict attention on mitigating risk and controlling development costs. These trends create continued demand for consulting around project feasibility and capital assurance, and increasing demand for consultants to adopt an independent role in coordinating project delivery activities to enhance construction productivity.

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