Strategy & Operations Consulting

Leaders trust our research services: ALM Intelligence's exclusive, qualitative assessments of provider capabilities at the engagement level to inform buyers of consulting services in Strategy & Operations.

We offer these in-depth Strategy & Operations Reports
  • The ALM Vanguard of Strategy & Operations Consulting Providers
  • S&O Market Trends
  • Client Spending Trends and Forecasts for S&O Consulting
  • The S&O Competitive Landscape
  • Provider Profiles of Select Strategy & Operations Practices
  • Detailed definitions

Nathan Simon

Director, Lead for Strategy & Operations Consulting Research

In an economic environment that continues to exhibit too little growth and too much volatility, companies can no longer get by with superior products and shoddy operations or world-class operations and mediocre products. They have to grow and cut costs. Consequently, they are grappling with alignment across the strategy landscape and seeking to optimize operations in the context of corporate and business strategies.

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